Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Be Still And Know

When you were young did your parents ever tell you to "Be still?" Often our schedules are so filled with work and recreation that we do not make times of stillness.

Yes, we are to work and to do our work as unto the Lord. In other words, when we work we should do our best to bless others and to give God glory. Also, when we have done our best it brings a wonderful sense of fulfillment.

However, we also need times to rest and be still. Often we are so active that we don’t take time to "Be Still" and let God speak to us. We need times of stillness in order to rest in Him and hear his voice.

This Sunday we will study Psalm 46. I encourage you to read this Psalm. Then, seek to rest and be still in Him and hear His voice.

Join me in prayer for this weekend’s services and bring someone to church with you.

It is an honor to serve as your pastor.

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